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Rounded to decimals 
cubic meter (m3)
cubic millimeter (mm3)
cubic centimeter (cm3)
liter / litre (L)
milliliter (mL)
cubic inches (in3)
cubic foot (ft3)
cubic yard (yd3)
British Units of Volume
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fluid minims fl min (UK)
fluid drams fl dr (UK)
fluid ounces fl oz (UK)
pint pt (UK)
gills gi (UK)
quart qt (UK)
gallon gal (UK)
oil barrel bbl (oil UK)
bushel bu (UK)
peck (pk)
U.S. Units of Liquid Volume
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fluid minims fl min (US liq)
fluid drams fl dr (US liq)
fluid ounces fl oz (US liq)
pint pt (US liq)
gills gi (US liq)
quart qt (US liq)
gallon gal (US liq)
oil barrel bbl (oil US)
U.S. Units of Dry Volume
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pint pt (US dry)
quart qt (US dry)
gallon gal (US dry)
peck pk (US dry)
bushel bu (US dry)
Other Units of Volume
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cord cd (firewood)

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