Metric Units of Weight
Convert From
Rounded to decimals
gram (gm)
microgram (µg)
milligram (mg)
centigram (cg)
decigram (dg)
dekagram (dag)
hectogram (hg)
kilogram (kg)
megagram (ton) (Mg or t)
Troy Units of Mass/Weight
Convert From
pennyweight (dwt)
ounce (oz t)
pound (lb t)
Avoirdupois units of Mass
Convert From
dram (dr avdp)
ounce (oz avdp)
pound (lb avdp)
short hundredweight (cwt)
short ton
long hundredweight (gross cwt)
long ton
Apothecaries Units of Mass
Convert From
scruple (s ap)
dram (dr ap)
ounce (oz ap)
pound (lb ap)
Other Units of Weight / Mass
Convert From
carat (c)
gamma (y)

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